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Name:A Doctor Who Reccing Community
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:reccing Doctor Who fanworks

This is a reccing community for Doctor Who in all its incarnations, spin-offs, Extended Universe etc. etc.

Members may rec any type of fanwork at any time, although there will also be monthly themes and seasonal challenges, plus requests.

1. Be civil and respectful to other community members & no bashing of characters, pairings, fanworks, or creators. Attempts at galactic domination will also be severely frowned upon.

2. Works recced must be posted publicly at the time of reccing (i.e. not posted to a locked journal etc.). You may rec works archive-locked to AO3, but please note that in the header info of your rec. Please do not rec works in progress, and no self recs. One user may post a max of 2 posts to the comm per day.

What makes a good fanwork is a very subjective subject, but at base line, please ensure that all your recs are complete and generally comprehensible/accessible as appropriate to the medium. (i.e. formatted & punctuated etc.; in the case of podfic, vids etc., that they are visible/audible, with working streaming/downloading links (at time of reccing); and that artworks are finished, visible, & recognisable as the subject etc.) If reccing a crossover, it should contain recognisable DW-related content/characters. In a fusion, Doctor Who should be the major fandom (which the characters are from) and not the fandom it is being fused with. (The main exception to latter is if the work was accepted onto the Teaspoon archive, it is also eligible here.)

3. Works may be recced more than once (although please try to vary things up where you can and avoid repeating recs within a short period of time - you can use the tags to check whether or not something has already been recced).

4. You must include some sort of 'blurb' as to why you are reccing the work, however brief. Please include any relevant warnings/content notes in the header template provided, particularly when linking directly to a work without any header/equivalent info. (i.e. spoilers, noting topics that may be triggery - abuse, death, non-con etc. Please don't warn for slash/het/femslash etc.)

5. Rec away!

If you have any other questions, please ask in the comments here. (Anon commenting is on.)

Posting Guidelines
In general, please post one rec per post (unless filling a particular theme or challenge - in which case please use a cut for anything more than three recs). You may make up to two posts per day, max.

Post title format:- Rec [medium (fic/art/vid etc.)]: fanwork name by creator

Creator: (e.g. [personal profile] thisbluespirit / vvj5/ [ profile] lost_spook/ [ profile] lost_spook / [ profile] lostspook/ [ profile] lostspook2)
Word Count/Length/Size:
Creator's Summary:

Reasons for reccing:

Link: [insert link here]

Mods will see to tags for you - let us know if we miss anything - although feel free to use existing relevant tags, and do add the theme/challenge tags.

Copy and paste the above template here:

If you have any other questions, please ask at the Info & Guidlines sticky post. (Anon commenting is on.)

[community profile] who_allsorts (Doctor Who Mini Prompt Table Challenge)
[community profile] who_guestfest (Annual Doctor Who minor characters ficathon)
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